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 Hi, my name is Dennis Jones and I am a non profit management consultant who has worked with numerous non profits over the past nearly 40 years.

As you can see from my  project list  and  resume  I have worked with dozens of clients and organizations across the United States.  I retired for a bit (trust me I deserved it!), but retirement was not in the cards for me.

Some may characterize me as a tree hugger or a Don Quixote type, but I feel very passionate about a few issues and I want to devote the rest of my time on this planet and the skills I have developed over many years to improve the conditions of nonprofit organizations who need our help NOW!

So, since re-entering the  consulting industry, I have decided to specialize in some issues that are personally important to me.

I know it sounds passé to talk about superstars, supermodels and national epidemics, but I truly believe that we have reached the boiling point on some significant issues that need our attention.

The newly minted and controversial Trump Health Care bill has brought the issues of addiction and mental health care  to the front of the national discussion (and certainly my attention). 

Here in Ohio proposed cuts in Medicaid funds place federal and state contributions to mental health and addiction issues at serious risk.

This is no joke!

At a time when this country and our state is suffering from a literal epidemic in addiction and mental health challenges, The federal government is seriously considering cutting programs that would help our fellow Ohioans free themselves (or at least relieve or reduce the pain) of these serious and debilitating afflictions.

My personal mission therefore is to assist nonprofit organization's in the state of Ohio prepare themselves for the financial and organizational challenges ahead. 

So, please take some time and review the following webpages thoroughly. I think you'll be impressed with my credentials and my experience - then please take a few minutes to contact me. I look forward to talking with you in person.

​​​Dennis R. Jones

Non Profit Management Consulting

(248) 506-3030